What our customers are saying

“Our son can read because of your kits... He couldn't read and thought there was no point in it, but he discovered he had to learn to read to use the manual. It was hard going for a seven year old, but he's now 10 and in the top band for literacy, and he even tells the story of how Microbric ('robie' as it's called here) made him learn to read” – C. Nicoll 

"Microbric really is a fantastic kit for young boys and girls to learn about model building, mechanical-electrical interfacing and software programming"
- S. Brauen, Scout Leader

Ai2 Robot Kit Downloads

The Ai2 robot can be completely customised by writing your very own programs, with the Microbric BricWorks software. The Microbric BricWorks software was designed and authored in South Australia by Microbric & Likeable Software. This powerful and easy to use software enables the user to create simple programs within minutes.

Microbric BricWorks robotics icon based programming software

The software operates in two modes, Basic & Advanced

In Basic mode, the user is limited to the original configuration of the Ai2 robot, and some of the programming options are disabled. Custom written programs are downloaded to the Ai2 robot by flashing out through the PC monitor and into the line tracker module of the Ai2 robot. A Data Cable is available to make the downloading process several times faster.

In Advanced mode, the user is able to place modules in any position on the Ai2 robot's motherboard with the exception of the line tracker module, as it has specific components on the Motherboard in its original position. The Data Cable is required to use the 'Advanced' mode in addition to a *firmware change on the Ai2 robot's motherboard, which can also be done via the Data Cable. *Firmware is the software located within the Microcontroller on the Ai2 motherboard that controls the robot.


Assembly instructions (pdf)

How to operate the Ai2 robot (pdf)

Ai2 robot educational activities (pdf)

Ai2 robot video assembly instructions

Bricworks Ai2 robot programming software download page

Bricworks Ai2 robot programming manual (pdf)

Ai2 robot advanced firmware download page

Ai2 robot programming cable drivers (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7) or visit the manufacturers website Prolific PL2303 drivers for the latest version

BricWorks source code download page

Ai2 Robot motherboard schematic diagram (pdf)

Ai2 Trouble shooting guide (pdf)

Ai2 robot battery saver tip (pdf)

Instructions - Data cable clip (pdf)