What our customers are saying

“Our son can read because of your kits... He couldn't read and thought there was no point in it, but he discovered he had to learn to read to use the manual. It was hard going for a seven year old, but he's now 10 and in the top band for literacy, and he even tells the story of how Microbric ('robie' as it's called here) made him learn to read” – C. Nicoll 

"Microbric really is a fantastic kit for young boys and girls to learn about model building, mechanical-electrical interfacing and software programming"
- S. Brauen, Scout Leader

BricWorks Free Icon based software - Source Code

The source for the Microbric BricWorks program is in the directory where you installed it and in the gui directory below. Being python code, the executable is the source.

The source for the other components installed with the BricWorks program can be found on the following websites:

- http://www.python.org (for Python)

- http://www.wxpython.org (for wxPython)

- http://pywin32.sourceforge.net (for pyWin32)

- http://pyserial.sourceforge.net (for pySerial)

- http://www.bitpim.org (for comscan.py)

- http://www.jrsoftware.org (for the Inno Setup installer)

If desired the sources can also be obtained directly from Microbric by sending an email to support@microbric.com