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“Our son can read because of your kits... He couldn't read and thought there was no point in it, but he discovered he had to learn to read to use the manual. It was hard going for a seven year old, but he's now 10 and in the top band for literacy, and he even tells the story of how Microbric ('robie' as it's called here) made him learn to read” – C. Nicoll 

"Microbric really is a fantastic kit for young boys and girls to learn about model building, mechanical-electrical interfacing and software programming"
- S. Brauen, Scout Leader

Ai2 Robot Kit Data Download Cable

Data download cable for use with the Ai2 robot kit - Use this cable to download your programs from BricWorks
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The Ai2 robot data download cable is used to download programs written in BricWorks to the Ai2 robot. While the Ai2 robot can be programmed directly from your computer's monitor, the download cable opens up many more programming features in BricWorks and makes downloading your programs easier and much faster. 

Data download cable
Software driver CD
Battery box clip (allows the download cable's plug to clip in place)

Clip assembly instructions (pdf)

Cable driver software
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Hi, Is it still possible to order this cable? Alternatively, are you able to tell me what the connector is so I can order it elsewhere? I'm trying to revive an old Ai2 for someone with an interest in robotics and the cable would make it a lot more capable. Thanks! William

Sorry the Ai2 programming cable is no longer available. The cable is actually just a Nokia DKU-5 cable, so you might be able to find one on ebay.

Will the Ai2 Robot kit data download cable be available again

Sorry the Ai2 programming cable is no longer available. The cable is actually a Nokia data transfer cable model DKU-5, so you may be able to find one on ebay etc.

the Ai2 robot kit data download cable. does it work on a apple mac.

The BricWorks software is Windows and Linux compatible only.